Highlights of Dan Noël's Non-Profit Activities

"The arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice"

—Theodore Parker

"Hatred and bitterness can never cure the disease of fear, only love can do that"

—Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Spiritual Engineering:

  • Dan pioneered a new, exciting system that allows virtually every human being, starting at a very young age, to learn to use telepathy to automatically realign any target with the Divine purpose, including taming large-scale essentially psychopathic activities.

9/11 Truth:

  • Dan's baby step appears to be the best point of entry into 9/11. By cleverly affirming the official 9/11 narrative and irrefutably leading to a sociological and epistemological problem, it forces the reader to accept 9/11 Truth's legitimacy. As of October 2011, it has systematically withstood the test of several prominent 9/11 censors.
  • Dan's fundamental 9/11 web appears to provide the simplest rigorous and analytical demonstration of the controlled demolitions of Building 7 and of the twin towers.
  • Dan's analysis of the 9/11 censorship is, as of October 2011, is the only freely available resource that analyzes in layman's terms the probable root cause for the 9/11 false flag, exposes the amazingly simple and highly promising paradigm shift 9/11 leads to, and offers down-to-earth motivation, guidelines, and tools to guide the human community through it.
  • As organizer of Orange County (California) 9/11 Truth, Dan has been leading the effort to educate the local community into the stakes and the hope of 9/11 Truth.
  • Dan's above-mentioned unique spiritual engineering work has contained the ongoing spiritual harassment of 9/11 truth-seekers and other U.S. dissidents and limited the evilness of the unidentified source of 9/11 and other grand conspiracies against the human community.
  • Dan has also abundantly volunteered for Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, leading their presenters' team as of October 2011.

Amnesty International:

  • In the 1980's, while civil wars were raging in Guatemala and El Salvador, Dan worked as action coordinator on Mexico and Central America for the French section.
  • Later, Dan co-founded and energized the Ventura chapter into one of the most vibrant groups in the Los Angeles area.
  • In 2006, Dan made a very well received teach-in on torture as part of the "War on Terror."



  • Dan is bound by IEEE's code of ethics.
  • Dan is secretary and treasurer of Orange County (California)'s Consultants' Network.
  • Dan is the founding secretary and treasurer of Orange County (California)'s Entrepreneurs' Network.


  • Dan maxed out the HP-67 pocket calculator's capabilities to solve linear electrical circuits and compute experimental errors; his programs were recognized as best until the HP-41's release.
  • Dan graduated as a Master in Electro-Mechanical Engineering summa cum laude at 21 years of age and was awarded the University's prize for best MSEME thesis.

"The arc of the universe, long? How about a shortcut?"

Dan Noël